Features Your Fuel Management System Must Include

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Features Your Fuel Management System Must Include

Fuel management systems are designed to maintain, monitor, and control the fuel consumption and the required amount of fuel for any type of business industry, which uses road, water, and air transportation. These systems are designed to manage and measure the use of fuel within these industries. The perfect fuel management systems, employs various methods and technologies to track and monitor fuel inventories, fuel purchases, as well as fuel dispensers. Some of the benefits the software provides are as follows.

Performs Multiple Functions Simultaneously

With the invention of updated fuel management system you can enjoy fuel transfers of gasoline, diesel, CNG, LNG and Hydrogen easily. Our robust Autogas reporting engine gives you real-time information on your fueling data that allows you to maximize up-time and improve your profitability.

Easy Access to Your Reports

With the help of the Autogas web-reporting suite, you can access the information you need anytime, anywhere. These reports are needed to check the sales and system status. We also provide payment authorization with unparalleled web tools to help you manage your enterprise.

Remote Connectivity

There may be situations where you will be notified for the lost connectivity from gas dispensers; in that case, you will need support to act quickly. In that case, you will be notified earlier than your customers will come to know about the problem. This will be done with the help of remote connectivity, which allows the support team to diagnose the problem leading to save your money and time.

Secured Payment

Effective fuel management systems will help you to process all major payment types using the PA-DSS certified payment controller. Autogas supports secured payments through World Pay, NBS, ISD, FDC Bypass and HPS. We also accept fleet cards and support your own proprietary cards as well. We have integrated support for nearly every fleet card in the market. Moreover, if you have your own internal card, we can offer support for them too.

Autogas can help you better understand how to improve your c-store or fuel management system.

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