4 Tips on Updating Your Gas Dispensers for Today’s Customers

December 02, 2015 / By Altametrics / In Advanced Fuel and Payment Controller - Autogas / Comments

4 Tips on Updating Your Gas Dispensers for Today’s Customers

1 Modernized Gas Pumps

The majority of all c-store customers pay at the pump without entering the store. If it looks like your gas dispensers have not been updates in years customers may be less likely to stop at your location. Do not let potential customers pass on by. Update your gas pumps with proper lighting and easy to use systems.

This highlights the importance of having a strong fuel management system that can easily assist customers who come to your location. If your convenience store is banking on success in this decade, but still using a fuel management system or business model created for serving customers 20 or 30 years ago, you are going to be at an extreme disadvantage.

2 Offer Alternative Fuels

Convenience stores sell about 80% of all the fuel bought in the United States, but to be successful you need to sell what customers want and need, and their needs are shifting as the trend toward alternative-fueled vehicles grows. A multi-fuel platform, with a variety of alternative fuels in addition to traditional gasoline and diesel, is one surefire way to stay ahead of the competition and is one of the best ways to capitalize on point-of-sale opportunities and broaden your customer base. If possible, offer an EV charging station, ethanol fuels, and even CNG and LP to maximize revenue.

3 Capitalize on Location

Did you know that in some cities startup companies are starting to provide fuel delivery to customers who can place orders for gasoline using a smart phone app? Just as Uber is trying to cut into the taxicab market, these entrepreneurs are hoping to make trips to the gas station obsolete. Time will tell if they succeed, but it highlights the value of having a centralized location convenient to your customers.

If you are located in a good location, but are not offering your customers what they need your business could start to struggle. A modernized gas dispenser in a good location can make all of the difference in your profits.

4 Put Smart Tech to Work

The environmental impact of alternative-fueled vehicles matters to consumers, but more than 40% say that they are using an electric-powered vehicle to save money on fuel. So how do you trim costs to meet their demands, and still maintain a healthy profit margin? You have to work smarter, not just harder. Today’s advanced fuel manager c-store software can pay for itself by streamlining your operation and giving you more control while reducing labor, time, and overhead.

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