Using Tablet POS to Drive Your Business

This eBook will cover some of the basic questions that operators have today about switching to a Tablet-based POS system.

It will discuss questions and issues like:

  • 1.
    Why switching to a tablet can be beneficial
  • 2.
    If tablet-based POS systems are in fact safer than traditional
  • 3.
    What system is suited for what type of business?
With these questions and more being answered, this eBook is a powerful tool to assist in the decision-making process for any business owner looking to update their existing POS system.

RMagazineAbout our guest

Danielle Richards is an editor and contributor to RMagazine. Danielle is in charge of coordinating content aimed at the SMB sector, discussing workforce management topics and solutions. She began working for the publication in October of 2014.

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What people have said about the Using Tablet POS to Drive Your Business eBook

Absenteeism 1
Michelle Jantz
“This eBook made me realize how important it is to really understand my options for using mobile devices!”
Absenteeism 2
Nicole Clarkson
“After learning how implementing a tablet solution into my business could help me provide faster service, I had to make the leap!”