The Trouble With Outdated POS Systems

The eBook “The Trouble with an Outdated Point-of-Sale System” is an in-depth look at the issues that restaurant owners and operators face on a daily basis when working with an outof- date Point-of-Sale (POS) system in their business. It will dive into the negative effect these systems can have on businesses and address several key issues restaurants are faced with from dayto- day. Issues that are consistently seen by restaurant operators include: poor or slow information flow, lack of integration in the software, high maintenance costs and costly training requirements that are a drain on operations and company revenues. This eBook explores the cost of these issues on businesses and also offers ideas for restaurant owners and operators to consider from reviewing internal processes to improving training or implementing a new POS system to revive the system as a whole. For any restaurant business, this eBook will be a valuable tool.

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Ashley Ragland is a contributor to R|Magazine

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What people have said about The Trouble with Outdated POS Systems eBook

David Lee

David Lee, Owner, BarQ
“As a new business owner, I decided I shouldn’t cut corners when it came to a POS system because it tracks so much of my business.”

Justin Pearson

Justin Pearson, Head of IT, Club Trinity

“This ebook convinced us to update our POS system. Now we can keep track of so much more and are keeping costs down.”

Sarah Duke

Sarah Duke, HR, Wonderful Cakes

“This ebook was full of information on getting my labor costs under control.”