As any restaurant owner or manager knows, there is a very high rate of employee attrition in the industry as a whole.  This is due to a multitude of factors, but in this blog we’re going to look at how the high learning curve for training on an old or slow POS system contributes to new employee attrition.

standing-pos-webFirst off, an outdated POS system can be overly complex and sometimes too difficult for new employees to learn.  At times even senior staff can struggle with the issues that a legacy POS brings to the table.  Difficult operational procedures for systems that are over five years old makes them extremely time consuming to train new employees for use, creating issues for these employees who are just days in to their new job.  If a new employee, who has previously worked in a restaurant, is spending three to five days to learn just the POS system in a 10-day training period, it is time to look for a more efficient and updated system.

sitting-pos-webSecondly, training (especially in a restaurant) is rarely undertaken as efficiently as it should be.  Imagine your restaurant trains 50 new employees in a month.  Training typically takes two weeks before new employees are left to their own devices.  Now, with new employees needing five days JUST to learn the POS system, what are the odds that they’re going to stick around for the remaining five days of training to cram everything else they need to learn?  Let’s take a look at some hypothetical numbers on this.  If 20 of your 50 new employees quit training by day 5, and we assume that you are spending $10 per hour on these employees’ labor costs during training, in one month you’ve spent $8,000 that you’ll never see again.

Finally, older systems that have been in place for more than five years have often developed glitches in the system or just ceased to work the way that they were intended to.  Some of these glitches can cause problems that can cause employees to press incorrect buttons, the system can develop a problem that may cause incorrect totals to be processed, or need to simply be restarted frequently.  If the screens are malfunctioning, locking incorrectly or you’re forced to restart, a majority of the data just entered can be lost.  For a new employee looking to make a good impression, this can be frustrating to the extreme and could push them to decide not to remain part of your business.

pos-in-bar-webIf you’re dealing with training that takes upwards of two weeks, with trainees who feel that they’re not being given accurate or enough information, or noticing that your system has truly become riddled with glitches and problems, these all have an effect on the level of employee attrition within your business, but also ultimately on your bottom line.

It is easy to take a quick analysis of the expenses on training versus the expenses of a new POS system for the business, sometimes sooner rather than later.  As any smart business owner knows, looking and preparing for the future in a proactive manner rather than a reactive manner can have many more positive and long-lasting results.