POS-line-webAs any restaurant operator knows, the Point-of-Sale (POS) system is the lifeblood of success.  And, an old, outdated and slow system affects not only staff but the way that customers view the business.  In an industry that survives on speed of service and fast transaction times, if the efficiency isn’t there, good luck keeping customers.   If customers are no longer coming in due to the fact that your restaurant has become known for slow speed of service, the cost of operating an outdated POS system could be astronomical.  Additionally, with a system that is not performing to peak levels can lead to poor practices for customer satisfaction, unmotivated or frustrated employees, unbalanced workflow and reduced productivity as a whole.

Competition in the restaurant industry is fierce and unending, forcing operators to keep up with trends not just in food and training, but also POS systems and software.  Operators need a system in place that allows for lightning-fast transaction times and improved productivity for the business as a whole.  A more technologically innovative POS system also makes it easier for restaurants to benefit from key data like timely reporting, analytics and data collection, saving time and money.

POS-receipt-webAn upgrade to a cloud-based POS system makes the tasks of operating a POS and gathering information from it much easier.  If the current POS your business is using disrupts workflow and requires several weeks of extensive employee training, switching to a more simple and modern POS system will free your business of a lot of these hassles.  If your outdated POS system is restrictive and keeps your attention focused on operations and reports rather than out on the floor assisting employees and customers, it is a good time to start looking in to the options for you in the marketplace.  Ultimately switching to a cloud-based solution for your restaurants’ POS needs.

Due to the fact that proprietary systems are difficult to be managed without extensive investment on both the software owners’ part as well as the original vendor, it is very difficult to integrate and manage, especially as the system ages.  With a cloud-based solution, a majority of upgrades and improvements are made to the system by the vendor and managed by the vendor, rather than the business owner.  With the priority that a POS has in a restaurant business, a solution like this where repairs and fixes can be made remotely is certainly a major selling point in its favor.

With a cloud-based POS system allowing for faster transactions, speed of service and more access to data, it is an economical solution for any restaurant owner.  Unlike a traditional system, this will integrate seamlessly with both your current hardware and will not be difficult to implement with staff.  Given the high priority that a functioning POS has in a restaurant business, it is not difficult to see why a cloud-based solution is really the best option for any owner.