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Speed of service and cost savings are just a few reasons why Hula POS is the choice of four of America’s top ten restaurant chains, including the #1 operator in the world.

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    Design a simple interface to maximize customer throughput.
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    Use new ordering methods to ensure accuracy.
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    Learn to build a menu screen in less than 1min.
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    Access reports from anywhere.
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    Manage an enterprise of locations with one simple tool.

Alan ThompsonSteve Thompson

“I would give any of my peers in the industry who are looking to increase store count and reduce IT staff the advice to take a look at Hula POS by Altametrics.”
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“The ROI on eRestaurant? I would say it’s probably such a high number it would almost be ridiculous to mention.”

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“Know you’ll be happy with the decision if you make it with Hula.”

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“Xformity has been great to work with… Overall they’ve provided us with the information we need to continue to grow our business.”