Regardless of the size of a business, an effective point of sale system helps owners take charge of their organization, process all transactions, streamline daily operations on a fully automated and cloud-based system, and achieve economies of scale, with satisfied employees and customers.

The benefits of using POS hardware and software for any organization, especially the restaurant industry, are vital to the success of a business.

New technological advancements in all POS systems make it possible for business owners and managers to view all routine transactions on their tablets. Employees have access to complete information about products and services. Customer preferences and routine requests are stored on a secure database, which allow businesses to offer tailor-made support and improve their revenue stream.

Benefits of Hula POS SoftwarePOS Hardware

Hula POS is a state-of-the-art point of sale system that offers complete support to all restaurant and retail businesses looking for an all-in-one solution for efficient order and employee management, inventory tracking and strategic planning. Compatible with mobile phones, tablets and other mobile hardware, this software allows businesses to:

  • Eliminate Human Error: In the longer run, Hula POS allows employees and managers to concentrate on planning and building a customer base, rather than working out sums, counting stock or wasting time correcting double entries
  • Improve Efficiency: With its touch screen capabilities, processing an order and recording entries on a point of sale platform is easier. Simply running the barcode reader on to a product records an entry in the POS software.
  • Manage Inventory Levels: Point of sale hardware and software allow managers and storekeepers to categorize and classify inventories, as per any specifications. In addition, Hula POS system stores all data with respect to re-order level and re-order quantity
  • Prepare Complete Reports: Hula POS offers an employee management module that has a time-in and time-out feature. This helps in generating all reports on employee productivity and hours worked for payroll purposes. It also reports on stock levels, workflow management and reordered quantities
  • Generate all Business Documents: Hula POS monitors inventory level and helps you purchase new stock every time your inventory runs low. Purchase orders can easily be generated and tracked from the date of issuance through the date of receipt of goods, allowing you to evaluate your supplier’s lead time
  • Integrate and Consolidate: If your business has multiple outlets, keeping your selling price same at all cost centers is a challenge. Hula POS allows you to integrate all customer data on one centralized locations, automate selling process to ensure constant selling prices at all outlets, and help in setting pricing strategies
  • Save Resources: By keeping track of your sales level, Hula POS lets you manage employee data and inventory level on a secure platform that can be viewed by any handheld Hula Point of Sale software saves your business time and resources by improving efficiency, automating all transactions and ensuring customer satisfaction. This paves way for rapid business expansion.

For anyone in the restaurant business, happy employees and satisfied customers are the key to survival and continual growth. Hula POS helps them achieve the best of both. To learn more about this software or to check out a demo version, contact us today!