The Hula POS (Point of Sale) system is perfect for any restaurant, café or bar. It is the modern tool to record all the restaurant-related data in a crisp format. Hula POS is designed to speed up the services of your restaurant with greater efficiency and profitability. It helps you efficiently manage your multiple tables, employees, and restaurant locations.

POS Systems for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars

A Hula POS system is easy to use, install and manage. From restaurateurs, managers, to the serving staff, anyone can quickly access this software with ease. The software offers customized solutions for any restaurant type, whether it’s fine dining, fast food, bars, bistros, or coffee shops.

Features of Hula POS systemPOS System

  • Simple interface: Hula is equipped with a simple and user-friendly interface that facilitates all restaurant oriented tasks. It also reduces employee training time, without compromising the quality of work.
  • Menu organization: You can create different menus with your Hula POS Software to tailor the system to your restaurant type. Save your new menu items so you can easily select them when the item is ready to be sold. You can even edit and reset settings at your convenience.
  • Streamlined ordering options: Hula has a variety of menu options to choose from. You can add and edit your own distinct menu items to create an individualized menu for any situation. The linked screen of the POS system guides you through each step of an order with automatic roll ups of individual items in to combos. It also simplifies the ordering process leaving no space for errors.
  • Stock management: The Hula POS system also helps in keeping a tab on your entire restaurant inventory. It simplifies restaurant inventory management while reducing discrepancies. With easy to use hardware options, managing stock is much easier.
  • Gift Cards: Hula POS software aids in integrating your own personalized gift cards into the system. This, in turn, helps to retain your loyal customers and improves your sales. Rewards points can also be specified as per your own preference. Furthermore, the POS system keeps accurate transaction records so that the manager can easily track all transaction information.
  • Robust reporting engine: Get all the information at one place, including sales reports, purchases, and inventory. These reports can be generated anywhere at any time. With a web-based system, reports can be printed accessed from anywhere you have internet access.

Full Service POS System

In this fact-paced world, everyone wants everything quickly. If you’re looking for fast as well as efficient services, Hula POS is the point-of-sale software for you. With Hula POS, you can quickly take orders and improve customer relations. It also provides you with modifier reports that provides you an accurate, real-time account of your transactions. You can also add an order, collect payment, print receipts, and improve customer turnover more efficiently. Purchase your Hula POS system today to make your business more profitable and efficient.