Hula POS is one of the leading organizations offering the best cash register restaurant software. The Cash register software helps you in managing the cash of your enterprise. Our modern computerized Point of Sale (POS) system is the machine you need to process your sales transactions. It not only stores your transactions safely and securely, but it also protects your hard-earned money. Cash register from Hula POS quickly processes the customer’s transaction and keeps all the records accurately in one place.

We bring forth a wide array of elaborate cash register software. This software has a compact design in line with the latest technology standards. Not only this, Hula POS cash register comes in affordable prices so that every restaurateur can purchase it. With high-class features, exceptional quality, and reliable performance, you can fully rely on our cash register.

Restaurants Cash Register

Cash register can be used in large as well as small restaurants. It helps in recording the cash and sales transactions of a restaurant. You can save your time during sales and prevent cash-related errors through this software. Moreover, it is equipped with multiple payment methods of cash, check, or credit card.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are clearly separated in this software so that you don’t mix up the items and their varied prices. In some restaurants, the same food item has different prices depending onCash Register the day time (happy hours, special events). The restaurants cash register helps in distinguishing such dishes according to the time.

Powerful Reporting Engine

The powerful reporting engine of cash register gives you complete visibility into each and every daily activity. It is loaded with real-time information that speeds up your sales transactions, in turn improving your customer relations. It delivers lucrative results for a long period of time.

The interface of cash register makes it easy to sell, record, and report the transactions. Its simplified ordering process allows the manager to see and edit the bill of each and every food item. Combo offers can be applied to a single item or the entire order with automatic roll ups.

Further, it displays sales and cash reports in different formats. For example: by day, by day part (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), by hour, or on-demand. Moreover, the restaurants cash register is provided with different printing options. You can choose from a receipt printer, a back office printer or a POS terminal.

Advantages of our Cash Register software

  • Equipped with an easy to use interface
  • Simple access for everyone, including managers, current as well as new employees
  • Fully featured and colored LCD terminals with touch-screen facility
  • Stores the information of every product
  • Speeds up the checkout process of customers
  • Armed with different receipt printers, including back office printer and POS terminal
  • User-friendly web administration tools

Hula POS cash register software is ideal for your day-to-day cash and sales transactions, in turn minimizing miscalculations. It gives accurate information in no time without compromising on customer service, hence maximizing profits for your business.