Easy & Appealing Interface

You’ll discover an interface that’s the most visually stunning and user-friendly of any POS system.

Screens are user definable, optimized for ease of use and speed, and greatly reduce time spent on employee training. And with our built in Hula Guided Tours and Setup Wizards, the software quickly walks you through every set-up step to get it right the first time.

Streamlined ordering options

Hula POS offers a wide range of ordering features. Conversational Ordering simplifies the order taking process allowing the server to see and edit the recipe for each item ordered. Linked screens guides the server through each step of a combo order and auto combo will automatically roll individual items up into combo meals.
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Managers Access

Allow Managers to have the Right Controls at the Appropriate level

Control discounts, voids, overrides, surcharges and even coupons access at customized levels.

Manage with the Right Numbers

From employee time management and break reports all the way to menu mix and system reports, managers have access to the metrics they need to make operational decisions.
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Hula POS Manager Control
Hula POS mobile reporting

Powerful Custom Reporting Engine

Complete Visibility into Daily Activity

The robust Hula POS Reporting Engine gives you real-time information on your menu mix that allows you to optimize menu engineering that ultimately improves profitability.
Hula allows complete insight into cashier, server and driver activity. Track, monitor and report employees’ tips for each transaction on the Server’s Tip Allocation Per Day report. Tip handling allow rendered tip amount to be deducted from a server’s cash report and can be printed at any time.

Reports are Available However and Where Ever You Need Them

Reports can be printed on a receipt printer, back office printer or displayed on a POS terminal or cash register so you stay informed no matter where you are. Cash and Sales Reports can be generated in any form you want: by day, by day part (i.e., Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), by hour, or on-demand.
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Robust Web Administration Tools

Control your Business From Anywhere

Altametrics has developed the most innovative screen builder available in the restaurant industry. Adding employees, updating menu items and pricing as well as building your ordering screens with our simple drag and drop design tool.
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Hula POS administration Screen Designer

Access all your Reports

Your not at the restaurant but you need reports now to check sales and run payroll. With Hula’s web reporting suite you can access the information you need when you need it.

Employee Management

Adding and removing employees is simple with Hula’s web administration tool kit. Update an employee record or make personal changes all from this intuitive module. Run reports and simplify payroll.

Hula POS Guides

Need real time assistance? Hula Guides takes you step by step through any feature. Adding new menu items, changing prices, editing employee records or even adding a new kitchen printer is simple with Hula Guides.
Hula POS Director

Enterprise Data Management with POS Director

Control Updates Across Your Enterprise

Organize your locations into any logical number of groups(markets, service types, regions etc.). Then schedule an update to add or remove menu items, update pricing, manage coupons and combos as well as all settings and configurations to your groups of locations.
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Let us show you how Hula POS is revolutionizing the restaurant business by providing the most intuitive Point of Sale system with unparalleled web tools to manage your enterprise.

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