We have come out with unique restaurant payroll software system that resolves all your admin-related problems. This latest software allows you to record the payroll of your restaurant employees in a quick and effortless way. The market is flooded with a number of software providers like this, but the Hula POS payroll system is the best one, preferred by renowned restaurant owners and managers. So, go ahead and give a try to our payroll software, which not only gives accurate results, but also makes your work effective.

The Hula POS payroll software helps to keep a tab on the salary of all your employees. It records all the Payroll Softwareinformation about your staff. It helps in managing the employee time, their attendance, leaves, schedule, etc. The robust software allows authentic tracking of employees, reducing and eliminating theft and discrepancies in the data. Moreover, Hula Point of Sale is ideal for different types of restaurants, including cafes, bars, bistros, and fine dining restaurants.

Managing Employee Payroll through POS Software

The simple and easy to use interface of Hula POS payroll software makes it accessible for everyone, restaurateurs or managers. Through this, you can easily manage all the necessary details of your employees such as their start date, job responsibilities, pay rate, skills, contact details, etc. The uncomplicated design of the screen speeds up the entire payroll process. With the in-built Hula guided tours and setup wizards, even the training time of new employees is greatly reduced.

The powerful reporting engine of payroll software allows complete visibility into the activities of each employee. You can create and supervise multiple pay heads for calculating employee pay slips and salary, without any error. The POS system guides you through each and every step, so that you don’t face a tough time while working on it.

And that’s not it. This web-based software can be accessed from anywhere at any time. No matter wherever you are, you can still check all the activities of your employees.

Some Tips on Payroll Management Software

No matter how large or small your restaurant is, you should always have a standardized payroll system in order to keep a record of all your employee details. So, follow our tips of how to manage your payroll software so that you generate lucrative results in the long run.

  • Pick customized software that suits the needs of your restaurant type.
  • Save time and money through a simplified process by keeping all your documents and records in one place.
  • Keep a tab on everything.
  • Decide the pay period of your employees, that is, whether you want to pay your employees on a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or hourly basis. Nonetheless, monthly salaries are easy to manage, more organized, and consistent.
  • Give your employees additional benefits as rewards in order to simplify your tax paperwork.
  • Find out if the payroll software takes care of the taxes. Choose the software that automatically manages the state tax, so that you are able to deposit tax at the appropriate time.