The primary reason for high employee turnover in the retail industry is employee dissatisfaction. Some businesses do not provide their staff with the right tools to carry out their job. Others lack an efficient employee management POS software for reviewing, monitoring and evaluating employee performance.

Information is always the key to selling. The more information your staff has about the range of products and services offered by your business, the easier and more fulfilling job they are likely to find.

A high-quality Point of Sale system offers in-depth information on your entire product range and provides references to all related items, sales tips and up-selling suggestions. Such software provides employees with all the information necessary to motivate them and help thEmployee Managementem perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Employee Management Tips

Content and hardworking staff is the backbone of any thriving business. They are motivated, take initiative, work efficiently and are task-driven and drive the business to create a product greater than the sum of its parts. . Hula POS allows businesses to manage all staff data, keep track of workflow, calculate wages, salaries and bonuses based on hours worked as well as real-time reporting on employee performance. This economical and efficient employee management POS offers staff management services by:

  • Establishing Employee Portals: An interactive employee portal contains customized pages for each employee, indicating their designation, job role and personal information. It can be used for tracking time-in and time-out and communicating important notices
  • Providing Added Security: Hula POS offers better security than any other POS software. This cloud-based processor sets different usernames and passwords for all staff members, allowing only authorized personnel to access it. It keeps malware and intruders at bay- keeping your employee and company data safe
  • Instant Actionable Data: Hula POS provides an accurate measure of the number of hours each employee works every day, as well as weekly and monthly totals. This is an important tool when calculating payroll and bonuses.
  • Preparing Detailed Reports: Number of hours worked and saved, efficiency, volume of sales generated per salesman, highest number of hours saved per employee, and several other reports help your business identify the star performer at the end of each period
  • Identifying Peak Hours: Employee Management POS keep a track of sales volume and inventory flow throughout the regular business hours. Hula POS helps you identify peak traffic times for your business so you can arrange for additional staff to manage orders efficiently during that time.

Hula POS offers complete and comprehensive software for employee management. It helps you train your new recruits with in-depth knowledge of your business, ethics and product range. With accurate payroll computation and knowledge of your business, your staff is likely to identify themselves with the business and offer more, in terms of quality and quantity.

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