Restaurant Cash Register System Software

Restaurant’s Cash Register

Cash registers have reigned over the retail market for so long. But now, as the technology advances, these ancient creatures have been left behind in the race. Regardless of that fact, a cashier’s ability to process transactions and handle cash are crucial to the effective running of a business.

Reporting Engine for Cash Registers

Managers have found that the reports generated from the printer connected with the new cash register, are quite helpful in day-to-day and long term transaction management. Replacing the old age antique register, with modern POS devices, these new technological advancements are why bars should use POS.

·  User Friendly interface

The festive environment in bars doesn’t need any fueling up – it is already quite lively. And during so much fun, things often get tipsy. Hula POS restaurant cash register software is quite simple to use. The appealing interface also reduces the time that employees spend on training. Through its easy features and high speed, the transaction time is greatly reduced. Now there are no lines to keep your patrons waiting for long. Your cashier will actually enjoy the experience of operating this software.

·  Managers’ Access

The managers have access to all the data and have the authority over the ground controls. They control discounts, overrides, voids, coupons and surcharges’ access and can regulate them according to the changing policy. You can also track employee movement and time management, to know which employee had a Monday morning shift. This might seem trivial but quite handy in many ways. Managers also have access to the financial data of the business, which is of critical help in making operational decisions.

·  Web Administration

Hula POS offers a simple drag and drop tool design that makes everyday tasks much easier. It provides the freedom of controlling your business from anywhere. So the next time you plan a vacation, don’t cancel it. Go ahead and enjoy yourself and let the machines do the work. POS cash registers are a powerful reporting engine. You can check sales, add employees, run payroll, update menu items and pricing, store all this data with the help of Hula’s web reporting suite and access the information whenever and wherever you need it. The POS system simplifies the accounting process.

·  Employee Management

Now, adding and removing employees has been made easier with the help of the Hula POS web administration tool kit. All the changes can be made without any hassle and running reports is a better experience now. Employees’ time management is recorded by the manager and thus, they will be under the expert supervision of the manager. The tool is a God-sent blessing from the engineers at Hula POS who worked restlessly to provide their customers with the best.

·  Effective Reporting

The updated and analyzed Hula POS ensures complete visibility of the daily activities. The server also offers a report that tracks the tip received from each customer. So there’s no chance of dipping the hand in the money box. The tip is automatically deducted from the server’s bank account.

So do away with the old fashioned cash register and get updated to a state of the art POS.